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Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight: Lisa Renee’s Dance Studio

Lisa Renee Wissing is a professional dancer from Northeast Ohio who has performed, taught, and studied dance across the United States and Canada. So when she reached out to Campbell Construction for design and construction services on a build-out of her studio in Bainbridge, we were excited to work with a professional from the area as she embarks on spreading her love of the arts and exercise to others.

 Besides the regular construction tasks (such as new electric, plumbing, concrete and masonry work, and a fire suppression system) required to make Lisa’s studio an up-to-date space for her business, we also needed to take additional steps to ensure her studio spaces were state-of-the-art learning environments. 

We undertook a build-out of the 7,200 square-foot studio in The Shops at Marketplace in order to allow Lisa to teach professional dance lessons for disciplines such as ballet, tap, hip-hop, and ballroom. But Lisa also required spaces for modern exercises such as Pilates, barre fitness, and dance team lessons.

A total of 3 studio spaces totaling nearly 3,000 square-feet featuring mirrors, top of the line acoustical panels, and ballet rails in order to ensure a quality learning experience for Lisa’s students. Other additional spaces that were built-out are devoted to dressing rooms (including private changing spaces), warm-up areas, and socializing with fellow students.

One of the studios even includes a recital space complete with seating to comfortably seat 300 people as they watch performances, workshops, and intensives.

The studio’s lobby area includes a unique retail section for items related to Lisa’s business.

This project resulted in a safe, inviting, and stimulating environment for students interested in professional dance, traditional movement classes, or exercise.

We are proud to be able to work on Lisa Renee’s Dance and Enrichment Studios, LLC,  and provide a unique space for a growing business in Northeast Ohio.