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3 Benefits of In-House Construction Services

When planning a design-build construction project, consider if you would be best served by a contractor that offers in-house construction services. This valuable feature can make a big difference for your project. Here’s why.

What are In-House Construction Services?
We complete many construction and craftsman tasks in-house, rather than hiring sub contractors. At Campbell Construction, our in-house team can handle a wide range of tasks, such as utility installation, masonry, excavation, steel erection, and siding and roofing installations.

Our Construction Services

Here at Campbell Construction, we’re proud to offer a wide range of construction services. Whether you’re planning construction for a new building or need ongoing maintenance for your facilities, our team can help.

Here’s a closer look at our service areas:

The Value of Construction Management

If you want great results for your next building project, having the right construction management team in place is crucial. Here is a closer look at what you need to know about this pivotal role.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management oversees and organizes the various facets of a construction project. These individuals must have exceptional communication and problem-solving skills, as well as sound industry knowledge that they can draw upon as they work with different subcontractors.

Design Build General Contractors

When it comes time to invest in your next commercial or industrial building project, the right project delivery system can make all the difference. Here’s a closer look at why working with a design-build contractor could be the right choice for you.

What is Design-Build?
Design-build is a system in which design and construction work are both handled by a single entity. The same contractor is responsible for both phases of the project, drawing on the historical concept of a “master builder.”

Things to Know Before Starting a Construction Project

Quality construction outcomes depend on more than hiring the right team for the job — they also require a lot of planning. When you decide a new construction project is necessary for your business or institution, setting clear project goals can make all the difference.

Guiding Goals

Establishing clear goals will provide essential guidelines for the project. What do you need to use the building for? How much use will it get on a daily basis? What structural specifications will be needed? What budget and timeline restrictions do you have?

What You Need to Know About Working with a General Contractor

When choosing a construction company to work with for your next project, it is essential that you understand how they operate. Even little details, like whether they do everything in-house or outsource some of the work, can impact construction outcomes. Because of this, few things are more important than getting to know a company’s general contractor.

Check Out Campbell Construction Past Projects!

During the years since Campbell Construction was founded in 1953, we’ve had the opportunity to provide construction management services for many different organizations.

Features of the Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof

Our expertise with construction projects means that we know a lot about roofs, and we believe Butler Manufacturing creates some of the best roof products in the industry. We have installed their roofs on our commercial and industrial construction projects for over 30 years, and their M-24 Standing Seam Roof is simply the best.

What You Need to Know About the Construction Industry

Construction companies assemble buildings, bridges, hospitals, schools, and other structures. They also excavate, demolish, repair, and alter buildings and the environment around us. The industry poses many hazards along the way as workers engage in many different activities that expose them to injury.

Learn More About the Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof

Campbell Construction is a full-service commercial roofer, we understand how to provide customers with quality roofing options. That’s why we have a longstanding relationship with Butler Buildings.

Butler Building is a pioneer in the industry with their innovative, quality roofing solutions.

Their MR-24 Standing Seam Roof is just one of the ways they set standards in the field.