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Things to Know Before Starting a Construction Project

Quality construction outcomes depend on more than hiring the right team for the job — they also require a lot of planning. When you decide a new construction project is necessary for your business or institution, setting clear project goals can make all the difference.

Guiding Goals

Establishing clear goals will provide essential guidelines for the project. What do you need to use the building for? How much use will it get on a daily basis? What structural specifications will be needed? What budget and timeline restrictions do you have?

Learn More About Our Architectural Services

When choosing a construction company, knowing that you are working with experts is essential for you to have confidence in your decision. Whether you are remodeling an existing structure or investing in a new build, working with a company that has top-notch architectural services will ensure you get quality outcomes.

The Importance of Engineering on a Construction Project

Achieving quality construction results requires a full team of people with several different specialties — and few elements of construction are more important than engineering.

Safety Precautions at Our Work Sites

When it comes to the safety of our employees and clients, we make sure to take every precaution. Campbell Construction values safety at all of our job sites, especially when there is the potential for falls and being injured by falling objects.

Design-Build: Butler Buildings

Campbell Construction is a leading design-build construction company with a respected reputation throughout Northeast Ohio. The design-build construction method is one where the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. The design-build method relies on a single point of responsibility and is the primary construction method for reducing costs and time on a project from concept to reality.

Pros and Cons of Winter Construction in Ohio

If you survived the recent Polar Vortex then you understand exactly how cold and unpleasant it can get outside in Ohio winters. Despite how cold it gets in Ohio, there are still construction crews and contractors working. Here are a few pros and cons when undertaking a construction project in Ohio during the winter.

Feature: Our Mission

Our mission at Campbell Construction is to go above and beyond for customers to provide them with quality design and construction services.

Getting Your Facility Ready for Winter

Across Ohio, everyone is preparing for winter — the snow, cold temperatures, and finding ways to battle both. Winter weather can affect your building too, so here are a few tips to help prepare your facility for the cold.

What Architectural Services Does Campbell Construction Provide?

Since we employ our own in-house architect and civil/structural engineer, Campbell Construction is able to provide our design-build clients with architectural/engineering services for their projects, which can save money and time.

Maximizing Your Commercial Space!

Being able to maximize your commercial space is vital and there are several things you can do to leverage the most from your building.