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What Makes a Successful Healthcare Facility?

Over the past few years, technology has led to drastic changes in the healthcare industry. Philosophies have also changed along with regulations and consumer demands. These changes have all led to a change in the design and construction of healthcare facilities.

What Are the Different Construction Services We Offer?

Campbell Construction is a leading and respected construction firm throughout Northeast Ohio. We provide a wide variety of construction services. Our main focus is on providing quality design-build services. As one of the region’s leading design-build companies, Campbell Construction has years of expertise in this method of construction. Design-build relies on a single point of responsibility for a project and is one way to minimize risks, costs, and save time.

Cost-Effective Design Solutions on Design-Build Projects

Campbell Construction offers a full slate of construction services, including design-build services.

Utilizing design-build services can provide customers with cost-effective solutions throughout the entire construction process.

Summertime Construction Projects

Now that the weather has finally decided to break and the sun has returned to Northeast Ohio, construction season is in full swing across the state and the nation.

 College campuses and other school settings are ready for projects as students are not attending daily. The sunshine makes for ideal construction climate and doesn’t slow things down.

Thinking About Starting a New Construction Project?

Is your business growing? Are you in need of a brand-new facility, or need additional space in order to operate efficiently and meet your needs?

 If a new construction project is in your future and you are thinking of moving forward, contact the team at Campbell Construction Inc., a Northeast Ohio design-build general contractor.

 Our team at Campbell Construction can help guide you through the overwhelming process of figuring out what your needs are and fit a professionally designed and engineered solution within budget.

What is a Self Performing Green Construction Company?

As a green construction company, Campbell Construction Inc., is committed to using every project it works on as an opportunity to evaluate and reduce environmental impact through those projects.


The Campbell team is at the forefront of sustainable, quality construction practices and technologies. We are ready to apply our knowledge of green practices (gained through experience) in order to help you understand the value in green construction, as well as the financial benefits to these projects through their lifetime.

What Are the Benefits of Construction Management?

Construction Management services can offer you several benefits in your construction project, some you may have considered and others that may go unseen.

Campbell Construction offers a wide array of general contracting services, including construction management. Here are some benefits to consider construction management for your next project.