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Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

When you embark on a commercial or industrial construction project or renovation, the amount of decisions you need to make may be overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask throughout the process to give you peace of mind.

Our Expertise and Construction Services

Campbell Construction provides customers with a full slate of construction services to assist you during your next project.

What is Design-Build?

Design-build construction is a method where a single entity provides both design and construction services for the entire project under one contract. The design-build method is utilized on an international basis and endures as a leading choice for many commercial, industrial, institutional and public projects.

The History of the “Master Builder”

Campbell Construction is a leader in the design-build construction method. This process entails a single entity providing design and construction services on a project. As a design-build construction company, we offer architectural, engineering, construction management, and construction services and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations in the commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional sectors.

What Are the Different Construction Services We Offer?

Campbell Construction is a leading and respected construction firm throughout Northeast Ohio. We provide a wide variety of construction services. Our main focus is on providing quality design-build services. As one of the region’s leading design-build companies, Campbell Construction has years of expertise in this method of construction. Design-build relies on a single point of responsibility for a project and is one way to minimize risks, costs, and save time.

Experience Matters!

When it comes to the construction field, the experience truly matters. No one wants an inexperienced team designing or constructing a new facility without the proper knowledge base required to complete it safely, efficiently, and on time.

What Does Construction Services Include?

What exactly does it mean when construction companies tell you they provide “construction services?” At Campbell Construction it means that we self-perform most trades with our own in-house, skilled craftsmen and embrace the “master builder” approach to construction.

What Architectural Services Does Campbell Construction Provide?

Since we employ our own in-house architect and civil/structural engineer, Campbell Construction is able to provide our design-build clients with architectural/engineering services for their projects, which can save money and time.

Cost-Effective Design Solutions on Design-Build Projects

Campbell Construction offers a full slate of construction services, including design-build services.

Utilizing design-build services can provide customers with cost-effective solutions throughout the entire construction process.

What Makes Design-Build So Desirable?

When it comes to construction projects, there are many ways to get the job done. But a growing number of business owners and managers are choosing the design-build construction method over the traditional design-bid-build model.