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Feature: Pre-Engineered Building

Every construction project is unique, both in terms of the overall goals as well as what methods will be best suited for achieving the desired outcome. For some projects, pre-engineered buildings can provide the ideal solution. Here is a closer look at their benefits.

The Importance of Engineering on a Construction Project

Achieving quality construction results requires a full team of people with several different specialties — and few elements of construction are more important than engineering.

Campbell Construction Offers a Wide Variety of Services

At Campbell Construction, we offer numerous services for you whether you are in the market for new construction project or your facility needs updating.

Let’s start with our passion which is design-build construction services. Since 1953 when Donald G. Campbell founded the company, Campbell Construction has had an affinity for design-build projects. This specialty of ours is sometimes referred to as the “master builder” approach and it’s one we enjoy. 

Let’s Talk About Your Upcoming Construction Project!

Since 1953, Campbell Construction has provided quality construction services and design work throughout NE Ohio.

When John Campbell took over leadership of the company he made sure that his construction company offered a multitude of services including design-build construction, construction management, general contracting, and so much more. Design-build construction is our bread and butter, and our passion (plus, it can save you time and money).

Engineering and Your Construction Project

When it comes time for your next construction project, engineering is a valuable piece of the total project that will lead to the best possible outcome for you.

Engineering is a vital and important component of any project. It can help you develop solutions within your available space such as a structural system or a storm water detention basin and can help you achieved your desired outcomes for your project at the best price. It does not necessarily decrease costs, but finds solutions to problems within costs.

Learn More About Campbell Construction

Campbell Construction Inc., was started in 1953 by Donald G. Campbell, the father of current owner and president John A. Campbell.


Since that time, the company has seen steady growth on both of their visions and leadership as a Northeast Ohio design-build construction team.


Once John Campbell purchased the business from his father in 1980, the Wayne County, Ohio company has grown to 55 employees (36 field staff and 17 management/administrative staff) and with annual sales of $20 million.

Our History, Our Heritage, and Our Future

Campbell Construction Inc., has a history of providing quality design and construction company in Ohio for 65 years.


Donald G. Campbell started the company in 1953, the same year that current owner and president John Campbell was born. John worked for the family business, learning it from the ground up since he was very young.


Is Your Facility Squeaking and Leaking?

Let’s face it — if you run a business and own your own building, staying ahead of scheduled maintenance on your facility or addressing that noise you hear everyday may not always on the forefront of your mind. It could take it’s toll on your pocket book and divert time and energy away from what you do best.

Building maintenance is an important facet of services in construction services. Our Facilities Maintenance division can help fix what’s broken and ensure your facility operates like it’s brand new to keep it running for years to come.

Feature: Design-Build Services

Design-build is a popular project delivery method used across the construction industry with many benefits for the client, or entity undertaking a construction project of any size and scope.

Design-build is a method used by commercial contractors and industrial contractors where the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity, known as a design-builder or a design-build contractor.

The alternative form of seeing a project through from concept to completion is the design-bid-build process.

Project Spotlight: SOPREMA Liquid Membrane Facility

When we were tasked with construction of another design-build project for SOPREMA, an international/Wadsworth-based roofing and waterproofing company, we were excited to work with such a highly-touted group of people once again.  Since we designed and built their original building in 1992 and numerous other expansions, this was a natural fit.