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Things to Know Before Starting a Construction Project

Quality construction outcomes depend on more than hiring the right team for the job — they also require a lot of planning. When you decide a new construction project is necessary for your business or institution, setting clear project goals can make all the difference.

Guiding Goals

Establishing clear goals will provide essential guidelines for the project. What do you need to use the building for? How much use will it get on a daily basis? What structural specifications will be needed? What budget and timeline restrictions do you have?

What is Commercial Building Maintenance?

Even when you work with the best design-build team available, no building is immune to the passage of time. Nature, general use, and other factors result in wear and tear to the building and its systems.

The Reasons Design-Build Construction is the Best Option

When it comes to designing and constructing commercial and industrial facilities, the right team and techniques can make all the difference. Because of this, design-build has seen significant growth in popularity in recent years.

Learn More About Our Areas of Expertise

At Campbell Construction, we have a great team of highly qualified employees who help us achieve excellence in a wide range of services. With so many skilled professionals, our team is equipped to help in many ways throughout the design-build process.

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

When you embark on a commercial or industrial construction project or renovation, the amount of decisions you need to make may be overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask throughout the process to give you peace of mind.

The History of the “Master Builder”

Campbell Construction is a leader in the design-build construction method. This process entails a single entity providing design and construction services on a project. As a design-build construction company, we offer architectural, engineering, construction management, and construction services and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations in the commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional sectors.

Design-Build: Butler Buildings

Campbell Construction is a leading design-build construction company with a respected reputation throughout Northeast Ohio. The design-build construction method is one where the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. The design-build method relies on a single point of responsibility and is the primary construction method for reducing costs and time on a project from concept to reality.

What You Need to Know About the Construction Industry

Construction companies assemble buildings, bridges, hospitals, schools, and other structures. They also excavate, demolish, repair, and alter buildings and the environment around us. The industry poses many hazards along the way as workers engage in many different activities that expose them to injury.

Experience Matters!

When it comes to the construction field, the experience truly matters. No one wants an inexperienced team designing or constructing a new facility without the proper knowledge base required to complete it safely, efficiently, and on time.

What Does Construction Services Include?

What exactly does it mean when construction companies tell you they provide “construction services?” At Campbell Construction it means that we self-perform most trades with our own in-house, skilled craftsmen and embrace the “master builder” approach to construction.