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Benefits of Having Construction Management

Do you have a new construction or renovation project in mind for your facility? Now is the time to start your research, plan out project details, and make key decisions. Hiring the right construction management team will go a long way in helping you get the desired results.

The Importance of Engineering on a Construction Project

Achieving quality construction results requires a full team of people with several different specialties — and few elements of construction are more important than engineering.

In-House Civil and Structural Engineering

Campbell Construction offers in-house civil and structural engineering services for all design-build projects.

Why is Construction Safety Important?

Getting quality results for design-build projects requires much more than knowledge of key construction methods. Successful results depend on a safe work environment

What is Design-Build?

Design-build construction is a method where a single entity provides both design and construction services for the entire project under one contract. The design-build method is utilized on an international basis and endures as a leading choice for many commercial, industrial, institutional and public projects.

What Makes a Successful Healthcare Facility?

Over the past few years, technology has led to drastic changes in the healthcare industry. Philosophies have also changed along with regulations and consumer demands. These changes have all led to a change in the design and construction of healthcare facilities.

Pros and Cons of Winter Construction in Ohio

If you survived the recent Polar Vortex then you understand exactly how cold and unpleasant it can get outside in Ohio winters. Despite how cold it gets in Ohio, there are still construction crews and contractors working. Here are a few pros and cons when undertaking a construction project in Ohio during the winter.

Feature: History of Campbell Construction

Campbell Construction has been providing quality design and construction services to Ohio customers for 65 years. Donald G. Campbell founded the company in 1953, the same year current Owner/President John Campbell was born. Throughout his life, John worked for the family business and learned it from the ground up.

Tips on Finding a Construction Company

Are you ready to begin building your next project? Here is what you should look for as you decide on a construction company! First, as the construction company if they specialize in the type of construction you need and has experience with projects of your size.

What Exactly Does the Construction Manager Do?

A construction manager, also referred to as a general contractor or a project manager, is someone who plans, coordinates, budgets, and supervises a construction project from development through to completion.

Typically, a construction manager will perform numerous tasks on a project. For instance, a construction manager will prepare and negotiate cost estimates, prepare budgets, and work on timetables throughout the project.